Code of Conduct | 成员守则

HXCS Code of Conduct
Hua Xia Chinese School @Mason

The Hua Xia Chinese School @Mason is dedicated to promoting Chinese language and culture learning. In order for the school to operate, certain rules and regulations regarding student behavior have to be established and enforced. Therefore, the Student Code of Conduct is an attempt to list major rules. However, other acts not listed could be subject to discipline if the act is disruptive to the educational process, hinders other students’ learning, or is deemed inappropriate for a school setting.

It shall be the decision of the appropriate school administrator as to which corrective measures are appropriate or adequate, after carefully weighing all the facts and circumstances pertaining to an incident of misconduct, and in light of the student’s past record of misbehavior. The action may include, but is not limited to, loss of privileges; after-school detention; in-school suspension; out-of-school suspension; emergency removal; and/or expulsion. Students aiding, abetting, or conspiring in the commission of any school violation may receive a penalty equal to the attempted violation. 

The types of conduct prohibited by this Code of Regulation are as follows:
  1. Damage or destruction of school property, property of school employees, property of other students, and/or visitors and volunteers, on or off of school premises.
  2. Assault on a school employee, student or other person. Situations such as fights could be turned over to the police. Fighting in the school or close proximate thereto will be turned over to the police.
  3. Disregard of reasonable directions or commands by school authorities including school administrators, room parents, and teachers.
  4. Chronic misbehavior which disrupts or interferes with any school activity.
  5. Fighting
  6. Tardiness
  7. Abuse of a school employee, student or other person. No student shall use or direct to, or about a school employee, or student, words, phrases, or actions which are considered to be slanderous or degrading in nature; words or phrases which could be considered threatening, menacing or indicate an intent to cause harm to person or property; and/or words or phrases which are obscene or profane as defined by the majority of our society. Name calling and negative, uncomplimentary and offensive remarks related to physical handicaps or defects, mental handicaps, race, religion, nationality, appearance or other reason is prohibited.
  8. Disrespect to a teacher or other school authority.
  9. Refusing to take detention or other properly administered discipline.
  10. Use of indecent or obscene language in oral or written form.
  11. Theft or possession of stolen goods.
  12. Sell, offer to sell, transfer, or possess any controlled substance such as drug, weapons, alcoholic beverage or intoxicant of any kind on school premises or at a school-related function.
  13. Repeated violations of the Student Code of Conduct and/or any other school rules, regulation or policy.
  14. Any disruption or interference with school activities.
  15. Willfully aiding another person to violate school regulations.

Students who violate the Code of Conduct are infringing on the rights of others and will be dealt with in accordance with the consequences; the same guideline adopted by Mason City School District will be applied here.

Classroom teachers have the full authority in handling classroom activity.  Student should be sent to school office to handle incident. Teacher should writes incident report when he/she deems necessary .
Teacher has full authority in class. Parent on duty has authority to take student out class.

  1. Parents shall not directly accuse teachers’ work in case of dispute.
  2. Parents shall not directly accuse other Student.
  3. Parent should contact Parent Teacher Organization leader when there is disagreement with School Teacher or Administer.

HXCS discipline level and process
  1. First incident -- Verbal/written warning, tell parents
  2. Second incident -- Suspension from 1 or multiple classes
  3. Third incident --  Board review and decide to suspend whole semester