2021 Spring Semester early registration with $25 discount is from 12/13-12/20, 2020. Formal registration is from 01/04-01/18,2021.

Important Notice: Huaxia Chinese school at Mason will continue to have online class in 2021 Spring Semester. 

* Please add admin@hxcsohio.org to you email contact list so your registration communication does not go to spam folder, especially for hotmail user.

* You should receive a confirmation email right after clicking "submit" button. Please keep the confirmation email as proof of registration and for future reference. Should you need to change your class selection, the easiest way is to click the link in the email to edit your registration.  Please do not submit a duplicate registration online. If you need to change your class selection after registration is closed, please contact dean@hxcsohio.org instead.

* Parent-on-duty fee will not be charged this semester.

Q: What if I forget my family ID? Why is it so important?
A: You can find your family ID here by parent name.  Remember to search the other parent name if you can not find the first one. Family ID will be associated with your payment so it is VERY important you fill in the right family ID. For new family please input "0" so we will assign a family ID.

Q: How do we make tuition payment?
A: You will receive an email instruction within 48 hours (most likely on the same day). Please make the payment ASAP to finish the registration process. Your registration is not complete until payment is made. Check your SPAM folder if needed, especially for hotmail user

Q: The school registration system already have our family information, why do we have to fill in again? 
A: This registration workflow is simple, easy and completely free. Filling in all necessary information by family will save a lot of time and effort for our school volunteers.

Q: When will early registration end?
A: Early registration with $25 discount will end by December 20, 2020, formal registration will start on January 4th, 2021.

Q: What's the fee structure?
A: Registration fee $40. Early registration discount ($25 off $40).
    Language class $140. Two hour each week (2PM-4PM on Sunday).
    Enrichment class $70. One hour each week (4PM-5PM on Sunday).
    Book fee varies. You can continue to use the same textbook from 2020 fall semester.
    Multiple kids language class discount: $20 discount for each of kids starting from the second student 
    Teacher discount (50% of the first student's tuition).

Q: What if I wanted to make changes after online class registration is closed? For example, will I be able to add Enrichment class? Will I be able to change my selection of the class(es)? Will I be able to cancel Enrichment class?

A: You can use the registration email to edit the registration form any time during the registration period. After registration is closed, please submit any class change request via Google Form Link: https://forms.gle/1WgD5cpC6bYjHT258Your request will be reviewed by the school Dean and it might incur tuition change as you can understand

Q: What's the school refund policy?
A: Tuition is fully refundable by the second Monday (the day after second class on Sunday) of the spring semester. Registration fee is not refundable at any circumstance. Please check the school calendar for reference at http://www.hxcsohio.org/home/calendar

Q: What's school hours
A: Language class is from 2PM-4PM every Sunday except school holidays. Enrichment class is from 4PM to 5PM on the same day. Please check the school calendar at http://www.hxcsohio.org/home/calendar 

Q: What is the student age requirement?

A: In most cases student age requirement for Chinese classes aligns with the age requirement for English school. Students can register for pre-K Chinese class as soon as they turn age four. Student Chinese language skill level should also be considered for proper class placement.  Please note age requirement for Enrichment classes varies. Please refer to link for details. https://docs.google.com/document/d/10CSFH9ZptsPvdBWAWj3wU8WPnSgDxxKvKaFsxflnxLs/edit?usp=sharing 

 Q: What textbooks will be used for Chinese language learning?

A: Textbook for Pre-K is Monkey King Chinese. After Pre-K, we offer two separate learning tracks – Young Chinese from Kindergarten to Grade 8 and MLP Chinese from Kindergarten through Grade 8. Upon completion of either of the two learning tracks, students will be qualified to take on the AP Chinese class that we offer. Please refer to the textbook websites www.YoungChinese.com and https://heritagechinese.com/website/page/shiyong/ to see which learning track might be a better fit for you. Please also take into account your own objective and commitment for Chinese language learning.  You will also be provided the opportunity to attend school organized Seminars for discussion and comparison of the two learning tracks in the future.   

Q: Will you be able to waive the textbook fee if I already have the textbook? Can I just buy the textbook from your school without registering for the class?

A: We will do our best to accommodate your request. However, these requests cannot be made online. Please contact the Dean directly at dean@hxcsohio.org to discuss possible solutions.   

Q: When is the last day for submitting registration for the 2021 Spring Semester? When is the last day for requesting cancellation or changes to the 2021 Spring Semester registration?

A: January 18, 2021.