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Anti-Aging Therapy Presentation

posted Oct 18, 2015, 12:50 PM by Unknown user
What : Searching for the fountain of youth - the advances of anti-aging therapy
Who: Dr. Jiang Wu(吴江) General Medicine hospitalist with Good Samaritan Hospital, MD. Biochemistry MS, Molecular biology PhD
When: 2:15PM Sunday Oct. 11
Where: Z105
Summary: 每年都有层出不穷的护肤新产品,哪些会是有效的?我们将会介绍护肤品抗衰老成分的进展,帮助大家选择适合自己的产品 。微整形技术已经不再是明星和富豪的专利了。这个周末,请爱美的听众一起来了解多种微整形技术的原理 和适应症。

This year we will continue our health talks kindly offered by CAMA(Chinese American Medical Association of Great Cincinnati). Thanks go to the medical professionals from CAMA.

We are always open to new ideas about school activities as long as we have support from parents. Please send your feedback or suggestion to me directly or our PTO president Xiaomu Hu at