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HXCS@Mason Newsletter 7 - 2015 Spring Semester

posted Apr 9, 2015, 6:29 PM by Unknown user

After a relaxing spring break and relatively quiet school day we will start a pretty busy end of school year schedule 

1. This coming Sunday we are going to have our second parenting talk of this semester - We will invite Mr. Xiaoqiang Zhu and Mrs. Min Wei to talk about MathCounts program and math education in general.  Our speakers are parents of two outstanding MHS students, who love mathematics and were placed #1 several times in state MathCounts competition and had chance participating national competition round. Mr Zhu and his wife had a lot of experience to share with all of us. An open discussion session follows to talk about everything of learning math including a potential math enrichment class.

What:  Introduction to Middle School Competition Math
Who:   Mr. Xiaoqiang Zhu and Mrs. Min Wei
When: 2:15PMSunday, April 12
Where: Z105

2. Please mark your calendar accordingly for the next several weeks. 
April 19:  School Council and School Board meeting
April 26:  Parent meeting for MaLiPing class of next school year ( targeting parents of current grade 1,2 and 3 students)
May 3:  Early registration for 2015 Fall Semester starts
May 10: Final week
May 17: Graduation Ceremony and Picnic. Early Registration ends. School year ends 

3. In the last two weeks, two teams of our weiqi class participated annual school team tournament sponsored by Americal Go Association (AGA) and American Go Honor Society(AGHS). Both of the teams were placed 1st in their individual division. Congratulation to Matthew Qiu, Jonathan Luo, Yuandi Huang, Terry Luo, Jerry Qiu and Marco Yan.  Plus, AGA decides to have this year's summer camp at Camp Kern, which is only 15 miles away from here, considering we have a very active weiqi program. Five of our students each earned $400 AGA scholarship toward this camp. All these are really encouragements to our weiqi program. 

4. Thanks go to our volunteer Jeff Zhou, we now have the 2015 Spring Festival program video available here