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New Class, Growing School

posted Oct 18, 2015, 11:57 AM by Unknown user

Starting this coming Sunday we are going to have the following class 4-5PM in Z125. If your kids would like to attend this enrichment class, please send your payment of $50 to the office to finish registration.

Speak Up in a Fun Team!
Instructor: Hao Cong
Assistant Instructor: Xiaomu Hu
classroom: Z125

As we are getting to the 4th week of semester, I want to share some data with you:
  • 219 students from 146 families.
  • 18 languages classes
  • 149 students attending 12 different enrichment classes
  • 31 teachers and staff with minimum pay
  • 9 no-pay board members and many other volunteers
As you compare this with last year's data, you can tell the school is still growing. As a consequence of this growth, we are having more challenges than before.  The difficulties are obvious.  But to make the HXCS@Mason community a better experience ,  we will have to need more parents involved. Please let us know what you can help by filling up the survey